Seamless VoIP, Internet, & Data Services

Titanium has been planning and implementing simple and complex phone systems and internet provider services since its inception. We have developed deep relationships with the major carriers and will provide the right solution for your needs. Our experience in this space is unparalleled. We welcome the most challenging scenarios and are passionate about our solutions, oftentimes reducing current op-ex.

  • VoIP
    • Cost Savings – utilize your internet carrier for calls
    • Service Mobility – your phone system works where you work; anywhere and everywhere.
    • Reliability – VoIP solutions are inherently more stable than your traditional phone system. 
    • Functionality – feature packed phones that utilize the newest technologies, or access your phone via PC
    • Easy Conference Calls – new technology makes conference calls easier
    • Statistics – easily capture call statistics and report on them for business intelligence
  • Carrier Services
    • Cost Savings – we broker and structure the best value for your business while remaining vendor agnostic
    • Reliability – keep your business connected with our analysis of your requirements 
    • Functionality – simple and complex network design that keep all of your facilities communicating seamlessly 
    • Complex Systems – call Center Design, Implementation, and Management
    • Security – utilizing our security protection tools, we keep your data safe
    • Management – let us manage your carrier relationship so you can focus on running your business.

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